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We would love to hear your story. If you are a client, or former client of Curran-Seeley Foundation and would like to share a story about your journey to recovery, please email us at

Client Perspectives We Can Help!

“While relaxing in Arizona on Easter Sunday I thought it was a good time to give out a few accolades to the Curran Seeley Foundation. I found it to be a place where the staff, very knowledgeable in each of their fields, never judged but constantly encouraged me to be the best I could possibly be. The individual, group therapy, bonding and overall experience helped me immensely in gaining a foothold on my sobriety and on life in general.

I am to this day a much healthier and more positive individual. I continue to use the tools given me and return frequently to sit in on group sessions. I am now addicted to feeling great and helping others. This awesome place continues to be my safe zone!”  Albie

This review was copied from Google Reviews with permission of the author:

“My time at Curran Seeley is, to date, the most important time in my life. Thanks to their empathetic, kind counselors, and elastic curriculum, I have been able to maintain my sobriety for over 5 years. 

The coping tools that Curran-Seeley helped me cultivate have been priceless and crucial to my ongoing success in sobriety. Accepting personal responsibility is hard (which, I suspect is the cause of these lower ratings), but when I finished treatment at Curran-Seeley, I was emotionally stronger, had rediscovered my morals/values, and became a person whose skills and talents have been employed to help others who are struggling.

I owe my life to my time spent with Curran-Seeley.”  Kayla

“My name is Dianne. I’m an alcoholic addict. My sobriety date is 1/25 /11. I was hopelessly lost in my addictions, my life was out of control and unmanageable. I wasn’t far from death - physical, mental, and spiritual. I had a little disbelief in what I was. I didn’t recognize my behaviors or tendencies, or that drugs and alcohol the great escape, were bad for me, or why I did what I did. The program and all of the loving people in it showed me the way to meet the wall of addiction head on, embrace what I had, and to jump over the wall to make good choices. Thanks to all of them at Curran and Seeley I now live a sober happy aware life, day by day. I’m so grateful for today and the chance with this new day to make good choices. I choose life, and with the grace of God I’ll do just that! I’m happy!!!!!!!  Thank you so much everyone at Curran and Seeley!!!

Love and great thanks everyone,” Dianne

“I thought I had a problem with alcohol. Curran-Seeley taught me that the problems were bigger and have helped me fix them.” Anonymous

“At first I felt this program was going to be a waste of my time and that Curran-Seeley was only in it for the money. But after being here with an open heart and mind, I have learned so much about my use, but also about myself. Curran-Seeley is by far the most productive time I have spent finding myself - my sober self. Thanks Curran-Seeley.”  J.G.


“As a born and raised Jackson local, I grew up in the “go big or go home” ski and party culture that is the cornerstone of the Jackson lifestyle. As I committed to going hard in my skiing, I did the same in my use of drugs and alcohol, and before I knew it, my future, my ski career, and my education were all dismantled in the wake of my addiction. As things got progressively worse, I needed a new way of life. It had been years since I felt truly fulfilled and happy. At Curran and Seeley, I was introduced to community, fellowship, and support where I was able to lay the foundation for a life in recovery that is meaningful and worth protecting.”
-Andrew Shorts