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The Curran Seeley Foundation is YOUR state-certified community substance use disorder center serving Jackson, Wyoming and surrounding communities.

Our Perspectives We Can Help!

Substance use disorders affect the lives of 22.7 million Americans yearly (SAMHSA National Survey on Drug Use & Health). Issues can range from mild to severe, and consequences cross all socioeconomic, gender, race, religion, age and educational boundaries. At Curran Seeley, we understand this and are prepared to treat a client’s individual needs for treatment no matter their circumstances. All services are confidential and are provided by licensed therapists with special training in substance use issues.

The methods used by Curran Seeley staff therapists in our programs include group lectures and discussion, individual sessions with the client’s primary counselor, the use of audio and video materials, as well as numerous exercises and handout materials. Outside reading and written work are assigned as needed.  Curran Seeley adheres to Privacy Practices as outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and Federal regulations (45 CFR Parts 160 and 164) and the Public Health Services Act (42 CFR Part 2) dealing with confidentiality of alcohol and drug abuse records. To see a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices, please click here.

Prevention of substance use issues is another important goal of the Curran Seeley Foundation. Educating the community, schools, parents & employers is at the forefront of our mission. Research proves that prevention can effectively delay onset of use in youth, enroll those in need of treatment into services sooner, save money over treatment costs, provide improved employment stability, lower rates of violent crime and improve the overall health of individuals and communities.

We are committed to assisting you with questions or concerns for yourself or a loved one. Please contact Curran Seeley for consultations, assessments, education or treatment needs. Call us at 733-3908 or email us at info@curranseeley.com.