Curran Seeley is an Investment in Your Community

Curran Seeley is an Investment in Your Community
Together we can provide for the essential needs of our community.

Nearly half of responding Jacksonites described a deterioration in their mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, as reported in the JH Behavioral Health Community Needs Assessment Survey released last month. The impacts of isolation, loss of income, and housing insecurity triggered an escalation in alcohol and substance use throughout our country. In Teton County, the number of reported binge drinkers was 40%, more than twice the national average. Let’s talk, we need your help!

For more than 30 years Curran Seeley Foundation has responded to urgent and increasing demands for treatment and prevention programs by those affected by substance use issues. COVID-19 prompted many human service organizations to reimagine and innovate outreach with on-line, virtual and Zoom opportunities for individuals, families, and co-workers.

Taking that first step toward recovery and getting treatment can feel like an overwhelming process. Many times, services are accessible only if a person knows where to go, has a way to pay, and can get help in their native language. Recovery doesn’t work that way. Those in need require support at the time they are ready or that window could close tragically. Most importantly, those in need are more likely to seek care if they know their courage will be met with compassion, kindness, and dignity.

The challenges in providing compassionate individual care fall to a uniquely trained team of dedicated professionals who count on us all to scaffold their efforts with encouragement. Recently, prevention efforts have required a focus on coping skills associated with isolation that led to binge drinking in all age groups. Last week, Curran Seeley Foundation received a challenge from a donor to raise $25,000 by December 15 to help us provide quality programming and we know, with donors like yourself, we can meet and exceed this challenge.

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Our organization is committed, along with our partners in Teton County Prevention Coalition, to creating a healthy, caring, and vibrant Jackson Hole for all of us.

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