Curran Seeley is an Investment in Your Community

Curran Seeley is an Investment in Your Community
Together we can provide for the essential needs of our community.

Right now, Americans are facing challenges like never before. People have been sheltered at home and are isolated. Individuals are excessively drinking and using substances as a result. Covid 19 has increased substance and mental health related issues throughout our country. On March 18th Curran Seeley responded quickly to the pandemic, ensuring uninterrupted care for our clients by moving to Telehealth treatment. We continue to utilize this platform to make sure that both staff and clients remain safe and supported, with hopes of seeing clients in person soon. Curran Seeley has been the connection needed to help clients through the ongoing unknowns of our public health emergency. Our free consultations for community members have increased and people are seeking our services at greater levels than in previous times.

Over the last fiscal year Curran Seeley provided more than 10,000 hours of therapy and support to clients. 74% of those hours provided were for Intensive Treatment Services. When one person gets help it increases the health of our entire community. With each individual seeking help, the ripple effect is felt exponentially in families, businesses, organizations, the community, and the region. This year with 11% of our female clients being mothers, we were able to witness this powerful ripple effect with their children and family units. In the last year we have continued our strong prevention work in the community knowing that 65% of our clients report starting their use of substances at a young age (before age 15). Last year our prevention team worked with over 1,200 Teton County students, grades four to nine. Additionally prevention activities were conducted throughout Jackson, raising awareness of responsible alcohol use at many local events.

As the time for Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities arrives this year, Curran Seeley needs your financial reinforcement more than ever, as we are experiencing substantial budget cuts from State contracts. Old Bill’s donations will assist us in providing quality behavioral health care while responding effectively and dynamically to increased growth and ever changing needs.

Old Bill's Fun Run
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Together we can provide for the essential needs of our community. Please support our efforts by including us when filling out your 2020 Old Bill’s Pledge Card. Gifts are accepted by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole August 1st through September 18th.


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