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Integrating Behavioral and Physical Health

Curran Seeley Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOPT) clients receive the benefit of working on substance abuse issues, co-occurring mental health struggles, and physical health hurdles during their IOPT program. Through our Integrated Wellness Program, clients receive personalized medical review of 10-panel blood draws, referrals for physician follow up, lectures on physical and behavioral health relationships and an introduction to a variety of opportunities to improve thier abilities to learn and change the way their brains and bodies function. The Integrated Wellness Program incorporates Silence, Science and Sweat in a six week course where participants learn meditation and mindfulness techniques and practice those skills during stressful mental and physical conditions. The program teaches clients the science behind the fight or flight system. Through a better understanding and practice coping in risky situations, client will be better prepared for a life of recovery once they have completed their IOPT programming.

Curran Seeley Addictions Counselor, Ryan Burke, has received national recognition for his endeavors in this field on CBS Morning News.

Click here to view the segment as it originally appeared on CBS Morning News, Wednesday, July 26, 2017.