Fee Structure & Payment Options

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The Curran-Seeley staff are licensed, caring professionals, experienced in working with alcohol, drug, family violence and co-occurring issues. It is the policy of Curran-Seeley to provide essential services regardless of a client's ability to pay, whether payment is Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP. Insurance and third party billing is also available. We do not discriminate based on any individual's race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation or gender identity. Our Sliding Fee Scale offers discounts based on family size and annual income. Proof of income via previous year's tax returns or two current pay stubs is required. Click here to see a copy of the Sliding Fee Scale and Policy.

Fee Structure & Payment Options We can create a monthly payment plan based on your income.

An increasing number of insurance companies are now providing coverage for drug recovery treatment. The extent of such coverage can vary based on your policy. If you believe that you or a loved one may be in need of drug or alcohol recovery recovery services, you may find that your policy will cover at least a portion of your treatment services. We recommend that you call your insurance company to find out what may be covered, and how much of a deductible, if any, you will be responsible for. We can assist in billing your insurance provider.

The cost of drug recovery services can be a concern for many people and their families. Given the importance of treating drug and alcohol issues, it is an investment worth making for your family’s health and future. Curran Seeley is a non-profit agency. We offer cost-effective programs along with a sliding fee scale, based on income, for our treatment programs. We are supported by funding from the State of Wyoming, Teton County, and the Town of Jackson to help keep our costs low. Schedules for our programs are structured so that our clients are able to keep their jobs and maintain work schedules. We can create a monthly payment plan for you based on your ability to pay. We accept cash, checks, credit cards and insurance payments.

Curran Seeley is committed to helping all those in need regardless of ability to pay.