Alumni Corner

Our Mission Statement
We, as the Alumni Council of Curran Seeley, are dedicated to providing support, knowledge, and advocacy to the Curran Seeley community of employees and clients. We recognize the critical role that Curran Seeley provides in its comprehensive treatment of substance use disorders and are committed to volunteering our time and efforts to support Curran Seeley’s mission of health and well-being in our neighborhoods.

Objectives of the Curran Seeley Alumni Council
It is the objective of the founding members of the Council to remain engaged in involvement with the Curran Seeley community, by way of event planning and participation, meeting attendance, philanthropy, and substance abuse education. As a council, we hope that our collective experiences and stories of success in recovery will aid in our efforts to support the Curran Seeley mission. Any Curran Seeley Alumni who wish to participate in various activities or planning of events will be part of a C/S Alumni Club. Our goal is to develop a group of individuals that will meet regularly to share their stories, their strength and hope; and their ideas for the development of an additional support group for people struggling with substance abuse disorders.

To join the Alumni Council Facebook page, please send a request to