Get Help - For An Employee

Substance abuse is common, and the costs of substance abuse are high for employers. According to recent studies, of the 20 million adults classified as having problems with substance dependence or abuse, approximately 12 million (60%) were employed full time.

Get Help - For An Employee

In addition to higher absenteeism and lower job productivity and performance, substance abuse issues can lead to greater health care expenses due to injuries and illnesses. Workplace injuries also increase workers’ compensation and disability claims that can affect your bottom line. And, intervention with employer involvement will often provide the extra incentive needed for the substance abuser to accept help.

If employers understand addiction and are willing to address substance abuse among working adults, the costs related to substance abuse can be minimized. Providing substance abuse education to employees can also help to reduce workers’ compensation rates for businesses.

Substance abuse is treatable, particularly when it is addressed as a chronic disease. Reducing employee substance abuse can help employers improve productivity, reduce workplace injuries, and decrease health care costs.

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“Intermountain Roofing, Inc. has a high exposure for work-related incidents.  In an effort to reduce overhead costs, we enrolled in the State of Wyoming Department of Workforce Services “Drug Free Workplace Premium Credit Program”.  Our application was approved and we receive a discount off our WC Rate annually.  The responsibility lies with our Company to stay in compliance by being proactive in promoting health and safety in the workplace.

Documented in our Employee Handbook submitted and certified by the State, and posted on our Employee Bulletin Board are the services provided and available to our employees through the Curran Seeley Foundation.  Our program requires all new hires and random drug testing, Supervisor level and employee drug and alcohol education and individualized evaluations annually.  Curran Seeley provides all the services we need to maintain our accreditation with the State and we are fortunate to have their services so readily available in our County.

Shannon M Hasenack, Owner, Intermountain Roofing