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The Curran Seeley Foundation is YOUR state-certified community substance abuse center serving Jackson, Wyoming and surrounding communities.

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The Curran Seeley Foundation is a private, non-profit agency providing comprehensive, person-centered alcohol and drug counseling, treatment, and prevention services to residents of Jackson and surrounding communities who may be suffering from substance use disorders and their effects. These services are offered in a confidential, caring, and cost-effective manner at offices located in the town of Jackson.

The methods used by Curran Seeley staff therapists in our programs include group lectures and discussion, individual sessions with the client’s primary counselor, the use of audio and video materials, as well as numerous exercises and handout materials. Outside reading and written work are assigned as needed.

Evaluation & Assessment - All evaluations are either completed by and /or reviewed by a Wyoming Licensed Therapist, or other appropriate clinically licensed staff.  In addition to criminal justice system cases, we provide assessments for many other reasons, including personal information, business and corporate requests, and coordinated efforts with other service agencies.  Federal and State guidelines regarding client rights, confidentiality, disclosure releases, etc. are strictly adhered to.

Clients may be referred to treatment from a variety of sources, including the court system, physicians, psychotherapists, family and friends. Clients may be diagnosed as having a substance used disorder from mild to severe and recommendations range from an Education Awareness program, an 8-hour DUI class, outpatient programs or residential services.

If clients are recommended for the co-ed Outpatient Program, the Intensive Men’s or Women’s Outpatient Treatment Programs, or the Adolescent Outpatient or Intensive Programs at Curran Seeley, they generally can begin treatment immediately.