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If you have concerns about someone’s drinking or drug use, but don’t know what to do next, Curran Seeley offers confidential consultations with a licensed therapist free of charge. Appointments are usually 50 minutes in length and no commitment is required.


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Curran Seeley offers a variety of educational programs throughout the community for individuals and groups.

  • An eight week “Best Practices” educational course for youth ages 13 - 19; meets once a week for 2 hours
  • A one day 8-hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness Class, meets on a Saturday and is usually held once every six weeks
  • We provide prevention and education upon request to schools, private businesses and non-profit agencies


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    Curran Seeley maintains contact with a network of regional residential treatment providers for those in need of inpatient placement or services not provided by Curran Seeley. We also have national directories available to assist with assessments and/or placement out of our local area.


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    Curran Seeley offers an array of services for your business. Provided as a part of a Drug-Free Workplace Program, you can save up to 5% of your Worker’s Compensation annual premium with the State of Wyoming.

    • Substance Abuse Education for Employees – a 1-hour program focusing on the effects of drugs and alcohol on the workplace
    • Supervisor Training – a two-hour training for management about how to recognize and address substance abuse in the workplace
    • Urinalysis Testing - for pre-employment, random testing requirements or follow-up after accidents or incidents
    • Substance Abuse Assessments and treatment programs
    • Anger Management Assessments and counseling
    • FREE consultations for you or your employee if there are concerns about substance use either at or outside the workplace


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        Interventions are usually called upon as last hope measures for someone that has a chronic, abusive relationship with an addictive substance such as drugs or alcohol.

        Curran Seeley provides the professional services needed to educate, guide and support those wishing to help someone who doesn’t recognize the need for help. Steps to a possible intervention are offered as well as exploration of other options.


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        We are a state-certified substance use evaluation provider. We provide assessments for many reasons including: personal information, business and corporate requests, criminal justice cases, and coordinated efforts with other service agencies.  Federal and State guidelines regarding client rights, confidentiality, disclosure releases, etc. are strictly adhered to. Formal evaluations and assessments can be done in the office, at the hospital, or in the detention center.

        Clients may be referred to treatment from a variety of sources, including the court system, physicians, psychotherapists, family and friends.


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        Our 8 hour State-Certified DUI Education program is offered on the third Saturday of each month. Alternating each month between the Change Company’s Interactive Journaling Curriculum and the Prime for Life Curriculum, this class meets the DUI education standards required by the State of Wyoming. If you are being asked to complete this class by an organization outside of Wyoming, you should obtain approval from that organization prior to taking the class. Please call 307-733-3908 to reserve your spot.  A State-Certified DUI Education Class in Spanish is scheduled when there are enough people registered for the class. If you have signed up for a class that has yet to be scheduled, you will be contacted by our office when a date is set. 

        Classes take place from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
        at the Curran Seeley Offices:
        610 W. Broadway, Suite L-01 (Basement Level)
        Cost is $125.00 per person
        Call 307-733-3908 to reserve your spot


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        Individual counseling with a professional, experienced licensed therapist are available upon request.


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        Curran Seeley has several options for outpatient programming and services individualized to meet recommended needs.

        • Co-Ed Adult Outpatient Program - Combines group and individual therapy through a best practices curriculum with twice a week group sessions
        • Gender Specific Outpatient Dependency Program - group and individual therapy of 6 to 7 hours a week individualized to meet clients needs
        • Individual Therapy - per treatment plan


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        Mental health counseling and medication consultation and management is available to clients that have been diagnosed with both substance abuse and mental health disorders. Clients are assessed at Curran Seeley and are given the option to enroll if this is recommended.


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        We offer seperate programs for Men, Women, and Adolescents. Group sessions are held every day, Monday through Friday. Programs include individual and group therapy as well as case management as needed.

        • Programs include social and life skills, anger and stress management, dealing with grief and loss, and relapse prevention
        • The Integrated Wellness Program gives clients enrolled in our Intensive Outpatient Treatment the opportunity to participate in a six week course where they receive a personalized 10-panel blood draw and medical review, referrals to physician follow ups, education on the connection between mental and physical health, meditation and mindfulness techniques, and practice using those skills during stressful mental and physical conditions. The program teaches clients the science behind the fight or flight response. Through a better understanding of, and practice coping in risky situations, clients will be better prepared for a life of recovery once they have completed their IOPT programming
        • Scheduling options allow our clients to be employed while in treatment; the program requirements effectively fill the clients’ days while they are in treatment, yet allows them time for family, hobbies and relaxation
        • Programs include a family component, giving family members and significant others the opportunity to participate weekly in the services provided
        • Twelve step recovery and SMART recovery meetings are encouraged and available while in treatment and upon completion to enhance and solidify a recovery lifestyle


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          Research shows that long-term sobriety connection and support leads to and enhances long-term recovery. Our Aftercare programs are weekly groups in early morning, afternoon, or evening. Co-ed groups or separate groups for men, women or adolescents are available. Curran Seeley Intense Outpatient Treatment Program graduates receive Aftercare Services FREE, for life.


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          Clients returning from a residential treatment program will be able to enroll in the continuing care program. This provides ongoing therapy, connection and support to solidify treatment concepts learned in residential care and assist with the transition back home. The program is individualized to meet the unique needs of each clients.


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          Curran Seeley’s alumni council offers ongoing support for clients as well as sober activities for those in recovery. All Curran Seeley alumni are encouraged to become a part of the alumni club and share their stories of recovery.


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          The Men’s Violence Prevention is a 26-session program for men having trouble with, or who have been convicted of, family violence, domestic abuse, or power and control issues. Sessions are held once a week with a varied curriculum. Abstinence from the use of all alcohol and drugs while in this program is mandatory.


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          This program’s primary goal is to prevent anger from manifesting itself into negative consequences in a person’s daily life. The Anger Management group meets once a week for 10 weeks.

          Individuals are helped to learn to cope in healthy ways with anger, stress and frustrations by developing better assertiveness and conflict resolution skills.