About Curran Seeley Foundation

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Curran-Seeley is a private, non-profit organization providing comprehensive alcohol and drug counseling, treatment and prevention services to Wyoming residents of Teton County and surrounding communities, who may be suffering from substance abuse problems and their effects. These services are offered in a confidential, caring and cost-effective manner at offices located in the town of Jackson.

The Curran-Seeley Foundation has been awarded a three-year CARF-Accreditation for our Assessment and Referral Program, our Intensive Outpatient Program and our Outpatient Program. This means that we adhere to the highest standards of quality and person-centered programming.

About Curran Seeley Foundation Curran Seeley is here to help.

Curran Seeley Foundation was established in 1988 by Pete Curran,then office manager for Southwestern Wyoming Alcohol Rehab Association in Jackson, WY, and Mike Seeley, a Jackson Hole businessman. Ed Wigg was brought on board to develop an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program. Curran Seeley soon became the first full-service substance abuse treatment agency in Teton County.

Our services are person-centered, based on “Best Practices” and have been recognized by members of Wyoming’s State Legislature as “the envy of other (Wyoming) counties.” As a regional provider of client-centered substance abuse treatment and prevention services, we are committed to providing quality education and recovery to all those directly or indirectly effected by drug and alcohol use.

All evaluations are completed by and reviewed by a Wyoming Licensed Therapist, or other appropriate clinically licensed staff.  In addition to criminal justice system cases, we provide assessments for many other reasons, including personal information, business and corporate requests, and coordinated efforts with other service agencies.  Federal and State guidelines regarding client rights, confidentiality, disclosure releases, etc. are strictly adhered to. If clients are diagnosed as substance dependent, and the Intensive Men’s or Women’s Outpatient Treatment Program is appropriate, they generally can begin treatment immediately.

Clients may be referred to treatment from a variety of sources, including the court system, physicians, psychotherapists, family and friends. If clients are diagnosed as substance abusive, rather than substance dependent, they are referred to programs such as an Education Awareness program, DUI class, or outpatient program.

Contact Curran Seeley at any time by calling 307-733-3908 or email us at: info@curranseeley.com.