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In March, Curran Seeley celebrates our 30th Anniversary with Healthy Schools . . . Healthy Community. Please attend one of the events or let us know your ideas for how we can make our schools healthier. Emails can be sent to

Parent Connections

Wednesday, March 7th
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Jackson Hole Middle School

Parent Connections is Teton County School District’s partnership with local private schools, community organizations and service providers, offering information applicable to parents of youth Kindergarten through 12th grade. Parents have the opportunity to attend two 30 minute sessions on topics including:

-Positive discipline practices with your elementary age child
-Pre-teen/teen dating and healthy relationships
-Managing youth stress and anxiety
-Teen alcohol and drug use trends
-School safety
-Technology and how to help your kids stay safe online

The following school-based events will also be taking place during the month of March -
Teton County Schools
Jackson Elementary School 4th and 5th graders - Too Good For Drugs Prevention Curriculum
Jackson Hole Middle School 7th graders - Too Good For Drugs Prevention Curriculum
Jackson Hole Community School - Staff inservice/training
Jackson Hole Community School - All Student two day seminar
Journey’s School - High School Student seminar
Teton County School District Board Meeting - Workshop
Teton County Parent Connections - Parent education for parents of all middle and high school age students - March 7th
Educational posters and materials are available to schools upon request.

Please call Tricia at 733-3908 for information.

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