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About Curran Seeley Foundation

Curran-Seeley is a private, non-profit organization providing comprehensive alcohol and drug counseling, treatment and prevention services to Wyoming residents of Teton County and surrounding communities, who are suffering from substance use issues and their effects. Services are offered in a confidential, caring and cost-effective manner at our offices located in the town of Jackson.

The Curran-Seeley Foundation has been awarded a three-year CARF-Accreditation for our Assessment and Referral Program, our Intensive Outpatient Program and our Outpatient Program. This means that we adhere to the highest standards of quality and person-centered programming.


According to conservative estimates, every dollar invested in addiction treatment yields a return of over $12 in savings in reduced crime, criminal justice and related healthcare costs, not to mention fewer interpersonal conflicts, greater workplace productivity, and fewer alcohol and drug-related accidents. NIDA - the National Institute on Drug Abuse

Current Events

Curran Seeley would like to share some of our accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2017, which ended on June 30, 2017. Please click here to see how we did over the last year. read more
Integrating Behavioral and Physical Health Curran Seeley Addictions Counselor, Ryan Burke, is receiving national recognition for his efforts to aid clients in recovery. Click here to see his interview with Jeff Glor of CBS Morning News. read more
Carolyn Janssen
“Spend a Dollar on Drug Treatment, and Save More on Crime Reduction” The burden of substance abuse disorders can fall heavily on the families and friends of those who battle addictions. But society also pays a great deal through increased crime. Treatment programs can reduce those costs. Austin Frakt, THE NEW HEALTH CARE (As printed in The New York Times, April 25, 2017) read more

Alumni Corner

We, as the Alumni Council of Curran Seeley, are dedicated to providing support, knowledge, and advocacy to the Curran Seeley community of employees and clients. We recognize the critical role that Curran Seeley provides in its comprehensive treatment of substance use disorders and are committed to volunteering our time and efforts to support Curran Seeley’s mission of health and well-being in our neighborhoods. read more


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